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Retail Man Point of Sale (POS)

Retail-Man, powerful point of sale (POS) + inventory software
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Sam Jordan
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16 April 2014

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In order to run a successful business you need a reliable and advanced system like that created by the Retail-Man Point of Sale (POS).
Using this program you can convert your personal computer into a powerful point-of-sale terminal. This can be done by simply attaching POS hardware to your PC such as Docket printer, Bar code scanner, Cash drawer and Pole display. You can now perform all your POS operation using your PC which includes inventory control, invoicing and debtors control as well as purchasing and creditors’ control. It also has an email utility which also enables you to place purchase orders, send invoices or send mass advertisements to clients. The double entry accounting can also be managed using the POS system on your PC. Using the POS system is simple and valuable.
Reengineer your business processes with the least modification in your PC using this intuitive and innovative tool.

Publisher's description

Retail-Man converts a computer into a powerful point of sale (POS) + inventory system when used with POS hardware :- docket printer, bar code scanner, cash drawer, pole display, touch screen, scales. Most leading models are supported. Easy to use and low cost POS solution with no annual licence fees. Retail Man features a very simple user interface with powerful security. Available boxed or as a download for a free 30 day full function evaluation. Retail-Man includes POS features and reports with stock control, inventory and standard accounting functions like invoicing and debtors control, purchasing and creditors control, double entry accounting. Supports many POS stations and workstations on Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server. Facilities to export import data for interfaces with other software. Built in sending of invoices, statements and quotes to customers by E-Mail. Can be customised for operation in many countries including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa. Currency, taxes (one or two) and setup can be localised to suit most countries. Menus can be installed in English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish which allow operation in most countries in Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, South America. Credit and debit card processing with ChargeItPro for customers in USA, Canada and Australia. Upgrades to multi-user and multi-location operation will allow Retail-Man to expand with your business.
Retail Man Point of Sale (POS)
Retail Man Point of Sale (POS)
Version 2.0.17
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This software is a joke for $250. If it had a better manual it may have made it worth my time to screw around with it
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